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Very few people and businesses really want to be involved in a lawsuit or arbitration.  These events can be costly both in time and money, and can take an emotional toll.  A win is never guaranteed, and sometimes justice is not done despite the best efforts of lawyer and client.  However, there are times when you or your business has been seriously injured or you are accused of harming someone else, and you have to make or defend against a claim.  I have 25 years of experience handling many different kinds of claims, large and small.  I have represented both plaintiffs and defendants in trials, arbitrations, and appeals.  With this experience, I can help you or your business achieve the best outcome available when a claim has to be made or defended.

Because a lawsuit or arbitration involves at least three participants (you, the other side, and the judge or arbitrator), no one can control completely what happens in a case.  Most lawyers will work hard on your case.  I believe that there are some additional things which a lawyer can, and should, do to produce a better result and experience for you.

First, I believe that the lawyer needs to listen to you.   The lawyer needs to know from the outset what you want to accomplish in the case.  Some clients have a particular result which they are willing to fight for through a trial, an appeal, or arbitration.  Some clients want the best result that can be had with a minimum of time and expense.      Sometimes events in the case or outside the case can cause the goal to change as the case goes on.  It is your case.  As your lawyer, I will listen to you so that my work is focused on what is important to you.

Second, I believe that the lawyer needs to be sensitive to how the case fits in the bigger picture of your life or your business.  Is there confidential information that could hurt your life or business down the road if it is disclosed in the case?  Do you have relationships with customers, family members, or important colleagues that could be damaged as the case goes on?  Would a decision against you, or a quick settlement, really encourage more people to make claims against you?  As your lawyer, I will always be thinking, and asking you to think, about how the case will affect your life or your business after the case is over.

Third, I believe that the lawyer needs to keep you informed throughout the case.  At our first meeting and throughout the case, I will give you my best judgment on what you are likely to win or lose, and on what it is likely to cost you to win or lose.  Unexpected things happen in almost every case that can change the assessment of the case or the likely cost of the case.  It may not be what you want to hear, but I pledge to tell you what you need to hear to make informed decisions about your case at all stages and to minimize nasty surprises.

Fourth, I believe that what the lawyer gets paid for a case should be fair to both the lawyer and the client.  Because my office is small and lean, I do not have to charge fees to cover a lot of operating costs that may not produce any value for you or your case.  I have the flexibility to work with you to set a fee agreement that makes sense for your case.

Finally, I believe that the lawyer needs to be honest with himself and with his client.  I am not the right lawyer for every case or every client.  I pledge not to take your case unless I think that the case is worth pursuing, that I can handle it well, and that you and I can work together.

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